Fish Care and Tournament Supplies

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Fishlife Livewell Treatment

The key to keeping fish healthy and happy, the Fish Life Livewell Treatment conditions your livewell water to create the ideal environment during transport and handling. Forming a protective coating on surfaces inside the livewell, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment prevents abrasion during transportation and protecting the slime coat. 

Reducing the toxicity of heavy metals and harmful chemicals in the water, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment helps reduce stress placed on fish during the handling process, calming them, and ensuring that they are in prime condition when they hit the scales. Even after the fish have been weighed, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment reduces the vulnerability to pathogens that could result in infection by enhancing the natural slime coat.

Formulated without any artificial dyes or colors, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment treats up to 50-gallons of water per ounce. A must-have for tournament anglers, the Fishlife Livewell Treatment promotes better overall health and helps prevent costly tournament penalties. Tournament Developed – Tournament Tested – Tournament Proven!.

Fishlife Live Well Cleaner

Specially developed to remove organic matter, fish waste, and biofilms from livewells, Fishlife Livewell Cleaner is an easy-to-use spray formula that cleans the inside of your livewell and doesn’t harm fish.  It can also be impelled into your livewell hoses and pump to remove matter from your entire livewell system. 

Fishlife Livewell Cleaner is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner that is also biodegradable, phosphate free, non-hazardous, and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).  Fishlife Livewell Cleaner Spray is simple to use, keeps your livewells clean, and keeps your fish healthy.

Fishlife Fish Aid Kit

Everything you need to take care of your fish and make sure they are ready come weigh in time. You get everything pictured in a plastic, easy to store, waterproof box that takes up very little of the valuable space in your boat. Remember, Care for the Sport, Care for your Fish. Tournament Developed – Tournament Tested – Tournament Proven!

Gator Grip White Bag

The Gator Grip GG-RTB-WHITE is made right here in the U.S.A. from a18 millimeter containing 2 layers of White Polyethlyne and 1 layer of Black Polyethlyne and 2 layers of polyester reinforced mesh. We sew on  two 1″ nylon carrying handle straps with reinforced stitching.  The is the most puncture and tear resistant non zippered  tournament weigh in bags that will not rip and calm your fish all at the same time. Do not take the chance of losing a days catch by putting your fish in a PVC China made bag..Bass Pro, Lew’s or just about any other weigh- in bag out on the US market today. Most of the current non zippered weigh in bags are imported from China and made from a softer PVC material that really will not resist a fin !

      The Gator Grip Reflective Tournament Bag (RTB) is the best of both worlds when it comes to fish care. We have the outer White shell that reflects the suns rays and combined a black interior layer to calm the fish during transport. So, if you want to ” Show the Fish you Care” use the Gator Grip RTB-White!! 

Mesh Insert Bag Black

Mesh Insert Bag is used for our Pro Weigh Bag, GG-RTB-WHITE, GG-BAG-BLK AND GG-BAG-CLR. The bag dimensions are 22 x 22.

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