Mobile Boat Show

Boat Show Bass Tournament 2023
General Information

Mobile Boat Show (Open Tournament)

January 31st 2025 Live Oak Landing (Full Field)
February 1st 2025 Chocolatta Landing (Top 30)

Entry Fee:
$250 covers Lunker and Day 1 Lauch Fee
Optional Side Pot $50 Covers Both days

Fill out form on register tab. Must pay before number is given.

100 Boat Payout:
1ST $10,000 2ND $4000 3RD $2000 4TH $1000 5TH $750 6TH $600 7TH $500 8TH $400 9TH $350 10TH $300 11TH-15TH $250


Jeremy Bass (228) 327-5941  email


Mobile Boat Show
January 31 and February 1, 2025



DATE EFFECTIVE 1/1/25 Official Rules:
“2025 MOBILE BOAT SHOW Official Rules:

2025 Mobile Boat Show Rules (Printable)

1. Tournament director has the final say and can deny any team from entering the tournament no
exceptions. The Tournament Director will be allowed to participate in the tournaments.
2. Sportsmanship Rule: Any unsportsmanlike behavior during tournament hours will be grounds for
disqualification from the tournament. This includes but not limited to behaviors like, someone holesitting for you,
reckless boat operation, intentionally snagging fish, etc….
3. Communication rule- During tournament hours the use of any communication device to seek
guidance or fishing information is not allowed.
4. All fish are to be caught during the hours of the tournament where you blasted off without leaving
the boat or receiving fish from another team
5. All State, Corp of engineers, local and Pride of the South rules/laws will be obeyed. If your team
is issued a ticket during any Pride of The South tournaments, you must notify the tournament
director prior to weighing any fish. It’s the tournament director’s discretion to determine the penalty
up to disqualification.
6. 2 people maximum per boat.
7. No leaving the boat to push into any place. If you become stuck, you can push out but not
allowed to continue to push forward to gain access.
8. The influencing or requesting any operation of a spillway outside it normal schedule operating
times will be disqualified. (Example Olin basin)
9.ON TIME CHECK IN- Each team is given two Key Fobs when you register in the morning. You are
responsible to hang 1 Key Fob back on the board per the clock’s time installed on the board before
you due in time (Example 3:30 weigh in time (3:29:59-on time) (3:30:00 Late disqualified). The 2nd
Key fob bring with your fish to weigh in. If you choose to leave early or not weigh, please hang both
back on the board so we know you are off the water.
**If you have an emergency or mechanical breakdown, you must contact the tournament director @
228-327-5941 send a text if no answer. If you are broke down trying to get back for weigh in, you are
allowed to ride with another team as long as one team member stays with the fish. Running out of
gas is not a mechanical breakdown**
10. All site fish must be caught inside the mouth. No snagging
11. Five fish 12 in or Lake Rule limit per boat. Fish measured with a Radicull Beamer Board.
12. 1/4lb (4oz) per 1 dead fish. 1/2lb per 2 or more dead fish (Example: 1 dead fish .25 deduction 2
dead fish .75 deduction 3 dead fish 1.25lb deduction.) Lunker winning fish must be weighed alive.
Short fish will be released immediately. Ties will be determined by the Lunker between the two
teams. It is the team’s responsibility to notify the weigh master that you want your Lunker weighed.
Any suspicious dead fish can be denied being weighed in per tournament director’s discretion.
13. All fished weighed in will be released back. It’s the tournament director’s discretion to allow
teams to trailer prior to weighing in.
14. Artificial bait only. No trolling or live bait fishing. Only 1 rod allowed at a time. (A-RIGS are
legal). You must completely retrieve your line inside the boat prior to picking up another rod. Jigger
poles are not allowed. No fishing while big motor is running.
15. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed during tournament. If you’re subject to taking a
polygraph no drinking after you weigh your fish until all places and prizes have been decided.
16. No culling at the dock. Only 5 fish allowed in live well at any time. Bringing 6 fish to the scales
results in automatic disqualification.
17. Cutting down of green trees including having someone not entered to fish with the intent to fish
during the tournament will result in being banned from fishing the trail. No intentional putting out
green limbs or baiting fish prior to any event is allowed.
18. Cannot relocate fish prior to an event. Meaning catching them somewhere else and releasing
them in a different area with the intent to catch during any event.
19. Must follow all water safety rules. Life jackets and kill switches during blast off and while boat is
on plane.
20. Must abide by all “NO WAKE ZONES”. This includes blast off at live oak. Upper and Lower
Bryant’s on Tensaw must obey buoys. Even if the buoys are missing due to high water.
21. Can leave the boat in an emergency only. No fishing allowed while not inside of the boat during
an emergency. If a team member must leave early, you are allowed to drop him off at the dock.
Once a person leaves the boat, they are not allowed back in the boat to fish anymore in that
tournament. The angler staying must remain in the boat the entire time.
22. Off limits are determined by state laws. No fishing in ponds or private waters during high water
levels. No casting into a private or off limit water even if your boat is not sitting in the off-limits
waters. Cannot leave the boat to gain access to fishable waters. You are allowed to lock through
23. Must obey all posted signs this includes dams. (Section 220-6-19 it shall be unlawful to fail to
comply with any restrictive sign, buoy, or marker as approved by the Director of the Alabama
Marine Police Division). Treat the sign like a wall do not cross nor cast past the posted sign or the
area the sign is referencing this includes private ponds or off-limit areas.
24. Any team fishing in 3-mile creek on mobile river, you must obey the “idle only” designated
areas. During Alabama Waterfowl season idle only in Bay Grass, Big and Little Bateau Bay.
25. Any Boat is allowed to carry gas with you in an approved coast guard tank with quick
disconnects. Handheld tanks are not allowed cannot leave boat to get gas on land. No one is
allowed to bring you gas during the tournament. Plan accordingly if you run out of gas you must
make it back on time in your boat. If you ride back your catch will be disqualified.
26. Live well check will be conducted during registration.
27. An approved boat must be equipped with an Outboard Water-Cooled motor only. No jet foot
motors, or go-devil style motors will be allowed to enter the tournament. Also working live well,
navigation and running lights. (Any questions call Tournament Director 228-327-5941)
28. No team can block access to fishable waters. If a team has their trolling motor down FISHING,
you must give that team a 50 YD courtesy distance on that bank (opposite bank does not apply) that
is being fished unless both teams agree differently. Any team fishing smaller creeks or tighter areas
has to choose which bank if there first to allow another team to fish opposite unless it’s impossible
for two boats to fish at the same time. If a team has their anchor out FISHING, you must give that
team a 100 YD courtesy distance unless both teams agree.
29. Anyone that fishes any of the pride of the south tournaments are fishing at their own risk and
cannot hold anyone that is involved in the tournament responsible.
30. Each event will have a mandatory polygraph test performed per the Tournament director’s
decision. A formal protest must be filed by the closing of the scales in person. Any obscene or
vulgar gestures said at the event because of the protest will result in banning of the trail. This type
of conduct will not be tolerated. Any prior polygraph failures will result in ineligibility to compete.
31. In case of a 1st place tie the team with the biggest fish in their limit wins the decision and the
losing team of the tie will be considered 2nd place. Lunker ties will result in a 50/50 payout split.


2025 Mobile Boat Show Results

Results will be posted here shortly after the event.

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