Elites Division 2023

General Information

Printable – 2023 Elites Series Master Schedule

Entry Fee- $200/Event Member- $50/Person

Win an Event, Fish 4 in a division, Top 10 in a division, Top 75 overall.
100% payback ——$25,000 in guaranteed total payout at championship with 25 boat average

$200/Event Qualifier
$50 Optional Side Pot
$350 – Championship
Good for schedule

Receive a plaque & free entry to following season in same division
Receive free entry to 2023 championship & compete for a $1500 bonus

Begins October 1, 2022 with teams paying for the season. Cost is $1000:
covers 5 events & you keep same boat number. Membership of
$50/person is due prior to fishing. January 1, 2023, registering for single
events begins.

We pay launch fee, plaques, polygraph, and max of $1000
held at 25 boats to be paid out at the championship.

1st- $1625 2nd- $900 3rd- $450 4th- $300 5th- $200
Lunker $250, Launch Fee $125, Plaques $150
Championship Money $1000
Total entry paid in $5000. Total Payout Day of $3725.
Expense $275. Money paying out at championship $1000.
Grand total $5000 or 100%.


02-25-2023 Franklins Ferry

Mobile Delta

Bama Bigbee
02-11-2023 Bridgeport
03-18-2023 Demopolis
04-15-2023 Bridgeport
06-17-2023 Demopolis
07-08-2023 Bridgeport

11-19-2022 Lake Mitchell
12-03-2022 Lake Tuscaloosa
01-07-2023 Lake Tuscaloosa
02-18-2023 Lake Tuscaloosa
03-18-2023 Holt Lake

Bigbee North
03-11-2023 Columbus Lake, East Bank Ramp
04-22-2023 Aliceville Lake, Rayleigh Ryan
05-13-2023 Gainesville Lake, Longs Landing
06-10-2023 Aliceville Lake, Rayleigh Ryan
09-09-2023 Gainesville Lake, Longs Landing

Championship Lake
Bainbridge Boat
Basin Park


TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS Jeremy Bass 228-327-5941 Dusty Banks 205-394-4679 Larry Davidson 205-399-7750
DATE ACTIVE 1/1/23  Print Elite Rules 2023

1. Every Angler Fishing the Elite Series is responsible for reading and following the rules. Failure to comply can result in disqualification.
2. Tournament director has the final say and can deny any team from entering the tournament no exceptions.
3. All State, local, Corp of engineers and Pride of the South rules/laws will be obeyed. All contestants must obey Alabama Water Safety Rules, Alabama Game and Fish Regulations. It’s the Anglers responsibility to be knowledgeable of the rules. If your team is issued a ticket during any Pride of The South tournaments, you must notify the tournament director prior to weighing any fish. It’s the tournament director’s discretion to determine the penalty up to disqualification.
4. Life Jackets and Kill switches are to be worn during blastoff and anytime the boat is on plane. Must follow life jacket rules while fishing dams if allowed. No fishing while big motor is running or use big motor in current to fish.
5. Sportsmanship Rule: Any unsportsmanlike behavior during tournament hours will be grounds for disqualification from the tournament. This includes but not limited to behaviors like, someone hole sitting for you, reckless boat operation, intentionally snagging fish, etc….
6. Communication rule- During tournament hours the use of any communication device to seek guidance or fishing information is not allowed. The hiring of guides, non-eligible anglers, or non- membered anglers pre-fishing for you prior to any Elites event is not allowed.
7. Only 2 people maximum per boat. Any team is allowed one alternate that can be used. Your partner or alternate must compete in at least 50% of the events to be eligible for championship.
8. All fish are to be caught during the hours of the tournament on the body of water the tournament is being held without leaving the boat or receiving fish from another team.
9. “THE ONLY” means to access fishable waters is by using the big motor or trolling motor installed on your boat. Any other means is prohibited This includes but not limited to push poles, rakes, shovels, chainsaws, winches, ropes, chains absolutely nothing can be used but big motor or trolling motor. Not allowed to leave the boat to push into a spot to fish. If you are stuck, you can push back out but not continue with forward motion. You must always stay inside the hull.
10. ON TIME CHECK IN- Each team is given two Key Fobs when you register in the morning. You are responsible to hang 1 Key Fob back on the board per the clock’s time installed on the board before you due in time (Example 3:30 weigh in time (3:29:59-on time) (3:30:00 Late disqualified). The 2nd Key fob bring with your fish to weigh in. If you choose to leave early or not
weigh, please hang both back on the board so we know you are off the water.
11. Five fish 12 in or Lake Rule limit per boat. Must cull as you go only keep 5 fish in the live well at one time. No culling at the dock.
12. 1/4lb (4oz) per 1 dead fish. 1/2lb per 2 or more dead fish (Example: 1 dead fish .25 deduction 2 dead fish .75 deduction 3 dead fish 1.25lb deduction.) Lunker winning fish must be weighed alive. Short fish will be released immediately. Ties will be determined by the Lunker between the two teams. It is the team’s responsibility to notify the weigh master that you want your Lunker weighed. Any suspicious dead fish can be denied being weighed in per tournament director’s discretion.
13. All fished weighed in will be released back. It’s the tournament director’s discretion to allow teams to trailer prior to weighing in.
14. Artificial bait including A-rigs are allowed to be used. No trolling or live bait fishing. Only 1 rod allowed at a time. You must completely retrieve your line inside the boat prior to picking up another rod. Jigger poles are not allowed.
15. All site fish must be caught inside the mouth. No snagging
16. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed during tournament. If you’re subject to taking a polygraph no drinking after you weigh your fish until all places and prizes have been decided.
17. Cutting down or having someone cut down any green trees to fish during the tournament prior to any pride of the south tournament will result in being banned from fishing the trail.
18. Points will be based on a 200 points scale. The winner gets 200 points and goes down 1 point per place. If any teams that has entered the tournament does not weigh in or zeroes, they will receive 25 points less than the last place team that weighed in.
19. Must abide by all “NO WAKE ZONES”.
20. Can leave the boat in an emergency only. No fishing allowed while not inside of the boat during an emergency.
21. Off limits are determined by state laws. No fishing in ponds or private waters during high water levels. No casting into a private or off limit waters even if your boat is not sitting in the off-limits waters. Cannot leave the boat to gain access to fishable waters. Getting out your boat to push into any water is not allowed. You are allowed to lock through Dams BUT must obey and follow any posted signs at the dam and treat that area as off limits. The following are OFF-LIMITS for Mobile Tensaw delta: DOCTOR LAKE, HELLCAT LAKE, BOYKIN LAKE, FLAG LAKE, GREEN LAKE, BEAR LAKE, CHOCTAW LAKE, OLIN BASIN, LITTLE and Big CHIPPEWA. GRAVEL PIT MILLERS FERRY.
22. Must obey all posted signs this includes dams. (Section 220-6-19 it shall be unlawful to fail to comply with any restrictive sign, buoy, or marker as approved by the Director of the Alabama Marine Police Division). Treat the sign like a wall do not cross nor cast past the posted sign or the area the sign is referencing this includes private ponds or off-limit areas. If the Dam does not have a restrictive sign or buoy you must wear a life jacket and follow all state and local laws. This includes boats keep out or stay back must obey all signs at the dam and treat that area as off limits.
23. Any team fishing in 3-mile creek on mobile river, you must obey the “idle only” designated areas.
24. In the event you break down contact the tournament director @ 228-327-5941 for instructions. If you’re trying to get back to weigh in you are allowed to ride in with another team as long as one team member stays with the fish.
25. Any Boat is allowed to carry gas with you in an approved coast guard tank with quick disconnects. Handheld tanks are not allowed cannot leave boat to get gas on land. No one is allowed to bring you gas during the tournament.
26. Live well check will be conducted during registration.
27. An approved boat must be equipped with an Outboard Water-Cooled motor only. No jet foot motors, or go-devil style motors will be allowed to enter the tournament. Also working kill switch, working live well, working navigation, and running lights. Your motor Horsepower cannot exceed you manufactures plate. Bama-big bee Demopolis events will enforce 115 HP MIN FIBERGLASS 150HP MIN ALUMINUM to compete (Any questions call Tournament Director 228-327-5941)
28. If a team has their trolling motor down FISHING, you must give that team a 50 YD courtesy distance unless both teams agree differently. If a team has their anchor out FISHING, you must give that team a 100 YD courtesy distance unless both teams agree. This does not mean you can block access to fishable waters by sitting in the entrance of a creek or lake. If a boat wants to gain entrance and you’re fishing the mouth they are allowed to idle or troll past WITHOUT FISHING until they reach the courtesy distance.
29. Anyone that fishes any of the pride of the south tournaments are fishing at their own risk and cannot hold anyone that is involved in the tournament responsible.
30. Each event will have a mandatory polygraph test performed per the Tournament director’s decision. A formal protest must be filed by the closing of the scales in person. Any obscene or vulgar gestures said at the event because of the protest will result in banning of the trail. This type of conduct will not be tolerated.
31. In case of a 1st place tie the team with the biggest fish in their limit wins the decision and the losing team of the tie will be considered 2nd place. Lunker ties will result in a 50/50 payout split.
32. In case of an AOY Points tie. The two teams will be given a 2-hour fish-off after the last event to break the tie. They will be allowed to bring 1 fish back and the largest fish wins.
33. W-9 FORMS are required before any team gets paid. All payments will be in form of a check.

Every location point leader will receive free entry to their location the next season.
They will also compete at the championship against all other location leaders for the ELITE ANGLER OF THE YEAR and receive a cash bonus. The angler of the year from each location gets free entry to the championship.

The top 10 in points and all event winners from that location. You can fish 4 out of 5 events in a division and make the championship. If you fish multiple divisions or pick and choose events you fish the top 75 overall in points will make the championship. Your partner must fish at least 50% of the events to be qualified. If two teams in the same division partners cannot make it you can have a member from a qualified team fish together must notify the director to discuss. No paying for entries and not fishing allowed. The entry fee is $350 and will have a $25 optional side pot per day. This will be a 2-day event at Lake Seminole Bainbridge Boat Basin October 27th and 28th.

W9 Form

Each of the Elites Anglers need to submit a W9 form. To do this

  1. Click on this link to open the form
  2. Download the form to your device
  3. Open the form on your device and fill it out
  4. Save the form
  5. Email the form to mjeremybass@yahoo.com

Results will be posted here.